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Vision and Values

Whole School Vision

Peel Common Nursery and Infant School is a safe and happy community where all are encouraged to succeed.

We pride ourselves in our welcoming and friendly ethos where working as a team is highly valued.  We believe the whole community should respect and care for each other and we foster this through our positive actions and attitude.

We place high importance on providing a vibrant and inspiring environment where everyone can be actively involved in their learning.


Year group visions

Nursery Vision Statement

At Peel Common Nursery we provide a happy and safe place where children have fun and are supported and encouraged to take the next steps in their learning and development.

Every child matters to us and we recognise that they are all unique.  We place high importance on building a relationship between the child, the keyworker and the parent.  Our nursery is vibrant and inspiring, giving children the opportunity to explore and discover with staff who are skilled at encouraging children to take risks in their learning, develop resilience and think for themselves.


Early Years Vision Statement

The Learning Garden is an active and happy place to be.  We believe that ALL children and staff are unique.  We encourage exploration and discovery within a varied and inspiring learning environment.  Children, parents and staff work in partnership to have fun, be safe and throughout each and every day in our rich outdoors, whatever the weather we actively learn, play and grow together.


Key Stage 1 Vision Statement

We believe that children learn best in a safe and caring environment where they are happy, emotionally secure and have relevant and purposeful learning opportunities. Children should develop key skills and a love for lifelong learning. To enable this growth we will provide a range of opportunities for children to develop independence and deepen their learning.  We encourage children to solve problems, make links in their learning and to take pride in their achievements. Children are supported to build their confidence and resilience by adopting a growth mindset attitude, having a go and challenging themselves.


Golden Rules


Kind hands, kind feet, kind voices


Keep yourself and others safe


Listen and do it straight away




Below are some quotes from our parents


"School has allowed my son to develop his interest further but also support him in attempting things he find more tricky such as writing."


"My child is enjoying learning and shows an
interest in reading, writing and all aspects
of his school work" 
"staff really care; they clearly individualise the learning for each child and know the children very well."
 "My child loves getting up and going to school every day. He is so happy telling me all the things he's done when he comes home."
"My child is more happy than before to go to
school and enjoys spending time in school. 
Has improved a lot in communication"
"The children make impressive academic progress - you will find yourself wowed by how much your little one has learnt." 
"My child came knowing no-one and was
soon settled, happy and thriving. 
He loves to be at school - what more
could a mother want?! Thank you!" 
"The school environment (indoors and outdoors) is very well thought out and resourced and the children use the outside environment a lot."
"The children are very happy at school and feel valued"