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The Learning Garden

In the Learning Garden we run a play based curriculum where children learn and develop through their play and personal interests. They are supported and guided by our team of teachers and Early Years Assistants to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding as set out in the seven areas of learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). Children have the opportunity to learn inside and outside in our well-resourced unit. As well as learning through play children are taught as a whole class, in small groups or individually.


We encourage children to be independent, to have a can do approach, to try new things, to solve problems and to persevere.

The Arboretum

In Key Stage 1 the children are encouraged to develop independence with their learning through continuous provision both inside and outside the classroom.  Perseverance to solve a problem, therefore taking their learning to the next step will be celebrated. 

The children will be able to explain what they are learning, why it is important and how they could improve. They will improve their skills to be independent learners and develop strategies to help them learn.Team work to share good ideas and celebrate successes will be valued by all staff and children. 

The children are encouraged to assess their learning and set themselves their “next steps” to help them improve.  Children create a Class Charter showing their rights and responsibilities which they will be expected to respect and demonstrate along with the School’s Golden Rules every day.