At Peel Common we want all of our children to develop a love of books and to enjoy reading. Our school library has a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books that the children can read in the classroom. They can also choose a library book each week to share with you at home. Please read to your child every day. This will help them to develop an understanding of how stories and books work and introduce them to new vocabulary and ideas as well as help them to enjoy books.

Our “Reading Together” scheme is a partnership between school and home to help your child to reach their next target in reading. Each week, your child’s teacher will read with your child in school. We will then send this book home for you to read and practise with your child. Each week, your child’s teacher will write a comment and target in your child’s Reading Together Diary.


In order for your child to become a good reader, they will be taught phonics every day for 30 minutes. This gives your child the skills to recognise letters and groups of letters that make one sound and to practise blending the sounds to read and to segment words into individual sounds to spell.

In Year R, the phonics teaching is supported by the use of Jolly Phonics. Each letter has an action and a song to help your child recognise the letter and learn its sound. Each week your child will be taught new letter sounds and these will be sent home for you to practise with your child. In Years 1 and 2, your child will also have a set of words to learn to spell each week.

For further information on reading, phonics and writing see Reading Information.

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