Who's Who in the School 
  L Spicer 2019 S Gordon 2
  Mrs Spicer Mrs Gordon
  Headteacher Deputy Headteacher
  S Paine  Mrs Roberts
  Mrs Paine Mrs Roberts
  School Business Manager Admin Officer
   Data Protection Officer  
 L Brown
Miss Brown
Admin Assistant 
The Learning Garden
  T Leadbeater TDavis
  Mrs Leadbeater Mrs Davis
  Teacher Teacher
S Gordon 2 
Mrs Gordon 
  K Clarke K Masters
  Mrs Clarke Mrs Masters
  Nursery Practitioner Nursery Practitioner
  Miss Larrise
  Nursery Practitioner
  S Ware J Dowdell
  Mrs Ware Mrs Dowdell
  Early Years Assistant Early Years Assistant


  Mrs McKay
  Special Needs Assistant
The Arboretum
  N Jolliffe M Aston 2
  Mrs Jolliffe Miss Aston
  Teacher Teacher
  L Spicer C Gingell
  Mrs Spicer Mrs Gingell
  Teacher Teacher
  R Porter SMcneill
  Mrs Porter Miss Mcneill
  Teacher Scitt Trainee
  J Johnson
  Mrs Johnson Miss Bernice
  T Johnson 2 
  Mrs Johnson 
Other Staff

A Clements 

  Miss Clements Mrs Atrill
  HSLW/ELSA Special Needs Assistant


Lunchtime Supervisory Assistants
  P Drury T Hayward
  Mrs Drury Mrs Hayward
  Senior Supervisory Assistant Supervisory Assistant
  S Winmill J Spicer
  Mrs Winmill Mr Spicer
  Supervisory Assistant Supervisory Assistant
  Miss Plant Miss Francis
  Supervisory Assistant Supervisory Assistant

J Howard

  Mrs Howard Miss Spencer 
  Supervisory Assistant Supervisory Assistant 
Caretaking and Cleaning
  JQueree B Shimmon
  Mr Queree Mr Shimmon
  Caretaker Cleaner
  P Drury J Howard
  Mrs Drury Mrs Howard
  Cleaner Cleaner



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